About Wallenda Enterprises Inc.

Wallenda Enterprises is the child of The Great Wallendas. My grandparents called
their highwire act by that name from 1929 until 1978. At that time I assumed
leadership of the company, with my grandmother’s enthusiastic blessing.

My sister, Rietta, and I toured as The Great Wallendas until she married. I also
married, and my wife Debbie and I continued as The Great Wallendas. We performed
our highwire troupe, and a new duo act featuring Debbie as the first and only woman
in history to perform an incredible jump from my shoulders to the wire. That record still
holds. No other woman has attempted that trick. Debbie and I continued with the duo,
and the troupe, but added The Great Wallendas Circus.

The circus consumed time, and minimized highwire practice. On some occasions The
Great Wallendas highwire act remained in the truck sometimes replaced by other
Wallenda highwire acts. The main focus of The Great Wallendas Inc became show
productions, and eventually attracted the mighty Medinah Shrine Temple as our
opening engagement in Chicago for a seventeen day appearance 1995-97.

During this time I turned my attention to concept shows. As a response to spectators
requesting something historical, we fashioned Zirkus Wallenda. Zirkus is a turn of the
century show with a story line, and a real snake-oil salesman, Dr. Sauce, selling
Wallendas Wonder Tonic. The show successfully toured for several years, and
remains on our menu of offerings.

After the 1998 season I entered Eckerd College, graduating in just three years with a
3.95 GPA, and a B.A. in Creative Writing, and followed that with two years at Vermont
College, earning the MFA in Writing.

I now combine my literary degrees with my performing experience, creating and
performing concept shows, thrills, and exceeding the limits of tradition. Wallenda
Enterprises offers more room for creativity, and expansion into other areas of
expression. My memoir, Skywalk, and other writings are listed here under the book
tab, and available at this web page. We also offer several concept shows. Please ask
for anything special that you think is out of the box.
Rick and Rietta 1978
This 1929 program from the Cypress
Shrine Temple is the first documented use
of the adjective “Great” in reference to the
original Wallenda troupe. The adjective
remained as part of the title to the act, The
Great Wallendas, for the next sixty years.
The authentic members of the troupe never
used any other adjective such as “Flying,”
or “Fabulous.” From The Authentic
Wallenda Archives.
Wallenda, the
first and only
woman to
perform a
daring leap
from the
shoulders to
the wire,
Rick Wallenda, headstanding Skywalk over tiger
pen at the Columbus Zoo at the invitation of Jack
Hanna. In his book Monkeys on the Interstate, Jack
documents that an incredible 15,000 spectators
witnessed this animal friendly event.
Wallenda Enterprises, Inc - Exceeding the Limits of Tradition