A memoir by Rick
Writing a memoir is as confusing as you
think. I expended great energy for several
years, and still yield unsatisfactory results. The book must
undergo a complete revision. E.B. White said that the
best writing is rewriting. This will eventually deliver a
gripping product, that engages all who open the pages.
I am also revisiting my first book, Circus Lives, a collection
of short stories. These stories fictionalize life around the
circus, and were published as my senior thesis at VCFA.

Expect updates here in this web site.  Currently my writing
appears in several circus magazines. The link below will
lead to an online magazine story recently published. Also
check with the Circus Historical Society for two stories in
their Nov/Dec 2011 issue. White Tops Magazine will run
another later this year. Circus Report is running a story in
their March 9, 2012 issue.

More links to other stories by Rick Walllenda.
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