Concept Shows - Exceeding the Limits of Tradition
We still offer this unique concept show, but
now expand beyond this historical glimpse
of the Wallenda family
Each concept show designed by Wallenda Enterprises features a story line.  
Spectators soar beyond simple entertainment as the performance engages
through characters, plot, and setting. These stories can be adapted to the
over-all atmosphere and setting of a park or fair, or we design something
appropriate for your event.

Pied Piper brings spectators back to the 1950’s through music and setting.
The drive-in restaurant setting features; front-row seating on car seats
simulating the atmosphere of a car, roller-skating performances, and era
songs. This show is perfect for theme parks featuring the fun, thrills, and
innocence of that era.
In 1994, Wallenda created and produced
Zirkus Wallenda in response to fan
requests for a historical performance. Rick Wallenda and sister Rietta toured
for several years with Zirkus Wallenda, a historical, turn of the century show.
Rick hosted the performance as a snake oil “pitchman,” creating the story of
WALLENDA’S WONDER TONIC, family remedy. Drawing spectators into
this nostalgic story, Zirkus Wallenda used seating made from whiskey barrels,
and planks, and for evening performances simulated torch lighting. The show
appeared successfully in theme parks, fairs, and celebrations, and is still a

Other concept shows from Wallenda Enterprises include
ROAR, the voice of
the animal’s, and the thrills and fast action of

NEW  to the family of shows, Wallenda Enterprises introduces  
DREAMGREEN, a dream of balance between current environmental
concerns and the way we live.

The creative team of Wallenda Enterprises includes the writing of Mr.
Wallenda, B.A. in Creative Writing, and MFA in Writing. Mr. Wallenda,
combines decades of performance experience with literary skills bringing
these shows to life for spectators at your event.

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