Troupe - Exceeding the Limits of Tradition
The World Famous Wallendas. The most
famous family in circus history, the Wallendas,
introduces an all-new troupe of performers in a
death-defying pyramid with the youngest girl in history
to present the fabled chair balance. Rick Wallenda,
eldest grandson of founders, Karl and Helen, proudly
presents his troupe of daredevils. Wallenda celebrates
more than forty years on the highwire.
The troupe offers many traditional turns in this stellar
routine, culminating with the chair pyramid on bicycles.
Wallenda has performed on three continents during his
forty-year career, and on more than one occasion
participated in a recreation of the gigantic
seven-person-pyramid. As the patriarch, he leads this
troupe to each destination as his grandfather once led
the original group. Thrilled spectators anxiously seek
autographs from these talented performers after every
show, and they can be part of your next event.
Rick Wallenda is very proud of his student, Bri, for her
spectacular accomplishments on the highwire and
swaypole. The entire troupe supports Bri now as she is
in public school after three years of home-schooling
and touring. Bri is an honor student at Imagine Middle
School, and plans to attend public high school next
Rick, Rietta, Bri, Lyric and Luis posing